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Who we are 
Carmen & Rafaele!

What we do
We are a fashion company bringing art into fashion! We specialise in using high definition pictures and artwork. We bring them to life through clothing and accessories!

Why we are different
We have created Carmen & Rafaele with the aim to satisfy the super discerning customer who appreciates excellent quality of fabric, a comfortable fit, in a timeless garment! All images have their own unique story and the artwork is exclusive to us! All of our styles are limited editions and of exceptional quality giving you a piece that is worth treasuring for years!

Where we have come from
After 20 years of experience in developing clothes from the design concept to the final garment, including fitting and sizing, we have developed our own garment range, eliminating the frustration borne by clients due to fashion companies who have not acknowledged the new body shape of the modern person! This means poorly fitted clothes that are either too short, too tight, or restricting, are a thing of the past with Carmen & Rafaele Ltd.

What we stand for
Having travelled all over the world visiting many amazing factories and some not so amazing factories, we are proud to say that we make the majority of our pieces in the UK. We are pioneers in bringing production back here, where we believe it firmly belongs! This gives us a great advantage allowing us to constantly keep up with the latest fashion trends & keep up with high demand.

New designs and styles are released monthly to keep track with the fast changing world of fashion, and there is the opportunity for a budding designer to have their artwork printed onto their own garment as part of our monthly design competition.
The Future of Carmen & Rafaele is very bright & we have so much to bring you!


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